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Alexandr Medvedev

Objective: To attain a career in 2D animation for motion pictures, TV commercial, or games as a 2D character animator.

Birthday: 10.13.60
Health: Excellent/nonsmoker
E-mail: mult2d@hotbox.ru

From 1997- Advertising agency "IDK", as a lead animator, supervising animator, director.
1992-97 - TV company TVA, artist animator.
1990-92 - Publishing House "Amur", as an illustrate editor, illustrator.
1984-89 - Khabarovsk publishing house, as an illustrator

1984 - Khabarovsk Teaching Training Institute, faculty of art and design

Software experience: Painter, Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, Premiere.

Qualifications and personal qualities: Five years experience in 2D animation. Deep knowledge in principles of traditional animation. Writing scripts, creating a conceptual character design from scratch, storyboarding, posing characters, inbetweening, inking, setting layouts, editing, supervising animation reels.


You can get my resume in txt or doc format here






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